What happens during a psychic reading?

I begin by leading you in a short meditation.  Just like any other informal conversation, you sit comfortably with me.  During this time, my spirit guides will be steering the consultation.  In a normal voice, I will convey practical insights to you.  During a psychic reading, we are never quite sure what will come through to you and from whom.  You will receive useful information specifically to assist you to make your own important life decisions.

Can I ask questions during a reading?

You will be asked to come with questions.

How long are the sessions? Do I have a choice?

You have a choice of times for consultations, consisting of a 30 minute, 45 minute, or a 60 minute session.

Are the sessions private? Does anyone else hear my reading?

Each consultation is totally confidential and is up to you what you do with the deeper insights you receive.  I maintain no attachment to how you use the information that comes through during a session, however, my intent is that you leave with a lighter heart and deeper insight than when you arrive.

Can I record the session?

Yes, most clients prefer to record on their own phones.